Besuch des Internationalen Innovationsinstituts (ZIII) an der Zhejiang Universität

June 28th, 2019. GFBM Akademie visited Zhejiang University Innovation Institute International (ZIII) and jointly held the Sino-German Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchange Symposium and Cooperation Signing Ceremony. The two institutions reached an agreement with the Memorandum: In the future, in-depth cooperation will be carried out in terms of start-ups training, international innovation project cooperation, scientific exchange and technology transformation, and set-up of an intellectual property exchange centre.

As an international innovation and entrepreneurship institute under Zhejiang University, ZIII is committed to creating a world-class industry-university research base as well as a platform for international innovation and entrepreneurship, international talent exchange and international technological support for local industries.

GFBM Akademie will play a key role with the comparative advantage as local partner with ZIII to set up an innovation centre in Berlin to create a new model of international cooperation between Chinese and German educational institutions in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.