Lehrerfortbildung in Deutschland

August 14th to 25th, 2019. Eight teachers from China participated in the training seminar organized by GFBM Akademie in Berlin, Germany. The eight teachers came from Lishui Vocational and Technical College in Zhejiang China. They are young excellent teaching elite of electromechanical technology and CNC technology. During the 10-day training, they had extensively courses the vocational training methods of related teaching fields, visited enterprise vocational training centers and vocational education software development institutions such as ABB, MTS and ETS.

This teacher training is part of the Sino-German (Lishui) Vocational Education Pilot Project. In the next three years, GFBM Akedemie will conduct a number of teacher trainings in Berlin, Germany as well as in Lishui, Zhejiang, China, to train key group of teachers for the Sino-German demonstration class in Zhejiang Lishui Vocational and Technical College, further to improve the quality of teaching, and consequently foster young professionals with skills and technics.

Due to the sudden typhoon attack in China, the teachers group from Lishui arrived in Berlin three days later than originally planned. GFBM Akademie made great effort to mobilize its resources available, adjusted its training plan in a timely manner, and flexibly adapted to unexpected situations. With the hard work of Lishui teachers together, the training task was successfully completed and the training objectives were very well achieved. It makes the training a very smooth start for the Sino-German vocational education demonstration project.