Wirtschaftsdialog-on-the-Road in CHINA

As a member of ITS mobility and ITS mobility China, the GFBM Academy is committed to promoting the German-Chinese technology exchange. In this context, the GFBM Academy has invited a delegation for a trip to China from November 9-14, 2019 to visit economic and technological locations. As participants, representatives of highly technological and innovative medium-sized companies, from the economic area Berlin-Brandenburg and even from Switzerland could be mobilized. The technologies presented included an IoT teaching platform, 3D printing technology and coaching, holistic prototyping in device construction, and microtechnologized etching and stamping technology. The delegation was supported by managing directors of major German companies based in China.
Beijing as the first destination and most important metropolis in terms of economic policy showed its changed environmental awareness. For example, a steelworks with the most modern equipment was relocated from the city centre to an external site. On the former site of the steelworks, a technology park with green areas covering approx. 140,000 square kilometers is planned. The Winter Olympics will also be held here in 2022, which means that the technology park must be completed within the next two years. The invitation to Beijing was extended by Ernest & Young China, who offered the opportunity to exchange ideas between the companies they visited and representatives of technology locations in the Beijing area.
In Jinan, the delegation took part in the “German-Chinese Forum on Cooperation in Intelligent Manufacturing and Innovation”. The forum gave the delegation participants the opportunity to present their company and technology to a broad audience, including Chinese representatives of Siemens and Festo, and to exchange ideas with possibly interested business partners from the region.
The city of Lishui showed its project to turn a mountain region into a technology location in harmony with nature. Large-scale models show the vision of the emergence of a new metropolis with completion in a few years. The effort to keep the schedule is, after cordial talks with city representatives, not to be doubted in the least.
At the final forum in Foshan, the delegation participants and representatives of the forum sealed the further cooperation and the success of the delegation trip with their signatures.
The change in China has much to offer for German small and medium-sized and large companies. However, it is not only the large number of industrial parks that are being created that is of interest, but also the ongoing training and further education of Chinese specialists, in which GFBM Academy plays a major role.